The Perpetual Pointless Calendar - The Ultimate Unusual Gift Calendar


   Pointless pictures                              
  Pointless numbers in rows of ten
  Pointless - no days of the week * 
  Perfect gift                                          

   An "Off the Wall" idea - to hang on the wall.

Britains most Boring Website - It's official - Article

Surrounded by the complexities of modern life, it is refreshing and unusual to find a product,
produced on high quality A3 paper, whose purpose is to be simply pointless.
No benefit statements, no rush to beat a special offer deadline, no risk in choosing whether to buy or rent,
no terms and conditions, no recordings made for training and quality control purposes,
no, just a reusable calendar with pointless pictures.

 Inspired by the success of, the web site that has listed unusual pointless sites for 7 years.

Perpetual - Use forever, use any time of the year, reuse each year

* This makes the calendar perpetual,
 i.e. potentially useful for reuse every year (unless you have scribbled on it).
This juxtaposition was caused by attempts to enhance the calendars' pointlessness
by removing the names of the days from the original design....


This product has been priced by marketing experts, using the psychology of numbers and the web site

The talking point of your Wall....

  NORMALLY 14.95 Each

The special price saves you  - few only now left - Available now for shipping worldwide

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- You can't ignore it forever - some people just wont get it - Don't be one of them

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